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Julie is putting one of her pandemic projects to use as she steps out to perform SOLO on vocal and rhythm acoustic guitar. Julie explains: “Learning to play guitar turned a fun, low-stakes way to stay connected to music during an isolating time. I'm ready to share this fun with an audience!" Her eclectic repertoire came from her method of choosing songs that felt like a good fit as they came up randomly in her playlists. Not surprisingly, the majority are by female artists. Check it out HERE!

She also has a duo project called SIREN SONGBIRDS (click here for info) with vocalist/guitarist extraordinaire Selena Evangeline. As Julie says: "It's always more fun to sing harmonies with someone, it brings a special energy to a show.” Both groups are available to play your next special occasion, company event or neighbourhood party.

You can also catch up on Julie's other pandemic project, a series of cover videos on keyboard and guitar! Check out the COVERS video page HERE.

Julie also wanted to explore voice teaching while learning more about her own voice- after not being able to make it for the past few summers, she finally had the pleasure of taking Somatic Voicework™, the LoVetri Method. It provides a clear framework for voice teaching  for all voice types and styles! Feel free to CONTACT Julie HERE for further information or inquiry about lessons.

As always, Julie's music is available directly from her MUSIC page and you can view LYRIC videos of her recordings. The photography was done by the amazing DENISE GRANT and you'll find the story behind Julie's look on her BLOG

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photo by Denise Grant Photography

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