Week 3- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

I feel like I'm back in university pulling all-nighters to get papers done! Except in this case it's not quite midnight, and I think I'm going to get my song done and blog posted just in time. How did this happen? I swore I wouldn't be last-minute like last week- except that last week I missed the deadline by about 4 hours, so I suppose this week is actually an improvement. Always look on the bright side of life!

Of course, the fact that this week's challenge only required one minute's worth of music probably made the difference- if I'd had any more music or lyrics to compose, I probably would have been late. But here's to the alignment of the stars and everything working out- this time.

I began the week with very good intentions, and made a worksheet with some ideas on Tuesday- letting them simmer for a few days and adding ideas as I had some time to steal here and there. However, I didn't have anything that I wanted to commit to fully- so I kept on trying to generate more ideas.

I have listened to a few of the other submissions, all unique and with something wonderful- and I finally found inspiration from one of them. I realized that some nonsense syllables could make the difference- turning it into a bit of a singalong, something that gives a song a fun vibe and that kids generally enjoy doing.

So I added some "whoa"s and an intro with a school bell kind of sound, and voila- my submission is complete. The technology is a bit bare bones, or "Garageband chic" as I like to call it- I certainly wouldn't submit this kind of recording quality to an advertising agency as per the challenge specs (which you can read HERE), but it will have to do.

And you can listen to Schools' Out on Soundcloud. Til next week,


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