Week 5- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

This week's challenge got into writing for a TV series- check out the details HERE. We were looking to write emotionally-charged music to match the show's content. I spent the whole week off and on writing whenever I had the chance, but didn't sit down to try and record something in Garageband until today as I did not yet have a complete song.

It was a frustrating week- I had certain ideas and images, particularly that of a "Dark Seed" which I wanted to explore- but I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to say, or what the story arc would be. If there was one. In the end, I recorded a couple of verses that I managed to cobble together which I think could lead to a strong song eventually. They are on a pedal point like the sample song given, but at a ballad tempo. I had a few emotionally-charged lyrics, but wrote these late in the game and didn't manage to match them with anything I had written earlier.

If you care to have a listen to these verses, the Soundcloud link is HERE. Kudos to the other submissions I've heard, which continue to both humble and inspire me. Meanwhile, it's a new week with 2 new challenges left to complete in our final week- and one possible co-write (so far). Here we go!


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