Life as a local in Hong Kong

I'm living in a university dorm! Or rather an apartment about the size of one, which is apparently the norm here in Hong Kong- where space is at a super-premium. As lovely as the space and luxury of the Four Seasons was, this is what I came here for- to experience local Hong Kong life. And as painful as it was to get some kind of wireless internet service for my computer in my new home, I'm just happy to be up and running.

Here was my first impression of the apartment:

Lots of windows, which is cool...

Here is the view on that side- did you know people hang their laundry to dry on lines attached to the building walls outside their windows? No dryers here!

Wardrobes, washer, fridge and microwave on one wall:

My one hotplate stove- heats pretty darned fast I gotta say!

And the view of the back alley from the window behind the futon:

Had my first chance to wander the neighbourhood yesterday- lots of tiny storefront bakeries, produce stores and meat shops. Local restaurants co-existing with omni-present MacDonald's outlets. Shops dedicated exclusively to incense! And much more...

Well, more news to come- please stay with me and pass the word along if you're enjoying it. All the best,


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