The Story Of My Scalp

Hello beautiful people! I'm back with a new blog entry, and apparently it's been over 2 years since my last post. Well, I have a good reason for getting back to it and I'm excited to share that with you.


Week 6- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

I'm a witness, miracles do happen! I'm done this week's challenge hours ahead of the deadline, and it's all thanks to co-writing. First, allow me to outline this week's challenge- we had 2 to choose from, or we could do…


Week 5- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

This week's challenge got into writing for a TV series- check out the details HERE. We were looking to write emotionally-charged music to match the show's content. I spent the whole week off and on writing whenever I had…


Week 4- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

Well, it's official- I missed the week 4 deadline. But only because I've had a most amazing and intense gig week!

I knew I would be in trouble this week. As soon as my challenge for last week was done…


Week 3- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

I feel like I'm back in university pulling all-nighters to get papers done! Except in this case it's not quite midnight, and I think I'm going to get my song done and blog posted just in time. How did this…


Week 2- Songwriting/Blogging Challenge 2015

"Julie makes a mockery of Songwriting Challenge by submitting a parody." That's the headline I'm imagining for my blog entry this week. And I will tell you why very shortly.

First let me mention that I did my first co-write…


Week 1- Songwriting/Blogging challenge 2015

This week: Getting inspiration from Jimmy Webb- and how I managed to avoid writing anything.

Well, the latter is true- I spent some time at the keyboard, did my research by giving all the songs Matt mentioned a good listen…


Songwriting Challenge 2015

Hello all!

Wow, it's a bit scary to look back and see how long ago I published my last blog entry. Ever since my adventures in Hong Kong, I have been focusing on freelance music work and neglecting my solo…

Back on the blog train

New month, new blog- and I see it's been almost 2 months since my last entry! Well I won't lie, coming back from Hong Kong was a big adjustment. Going from having a full-time gig to virtually no gigs is…

My final blog from Hong Kong

Well, it's my last week in Hong Kong and I don't think I've ever been so busy. I've been crossing a few more sights off my list and visiting with all my new friends before I go- not to mention…

O Blog, Where Art Thou?

Just got back to Hong Kong from a visit to Singapore and I'm wishing that my blog would write itself. Alas, it won't! I'm a little tired after trying to keep up with my 3 wee cousins for the past…