Life at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

Well people, this hotel is officially spoiling me rotten. This is a place where your underwear comes back from the laundry folded, wrapped in a ribbon with a bow, covered with tissue paper and presented in a cushioned box! Check out my Facebook Page for a view of the light show I get every night from the building outside my window (and please "like" the page if you haven't already).

The pool area is also very posh- there are attendants always coming by to give you fresh water and offer you mini ice-creams and fruit bars. Check out this video for a little guided tour:

I have one more weekend staying here before I move off-site to an apartment and have to commute to the gig- I must say as lovely as it is staying here, I'll be ready to move out into the real world and experience some of local Hong Kong life. I've been checking out some of the local bars with live music this week, places where my musicians have weekday gigs- one of those places is Peel Fresco. Sure enough, it lives up to it's name- located on Peel Street and full of frescoes on the walls inside. Here is one:

And this was the band Organix with Bob Mocarsky on Nord, Dan Lavelle on guiter and Carlos Vieira on drums. Bob and Carlos are in my band at the Blue Bar:

And this was a new friend I made just outside the bar on my way home- my first roach sighting in HK, apparently they are everywhere:

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