Songwriting Challenge 2015

Hello all!

Wow, it's a bit scary to look back and see how long ago I published my last blog entry. Ever since my adventures in Hong Kong, I have been focusing on freelance music work and neglecting my solo efforts. Well, starting today I'm officially re-dedicating my efforts to writing original music for myself and others- thanks to a challenge from the Songwriters Association of Canada, an organization I joined recently. I only just received word that there was space for me to join this challenge last night, so I'm jumping right in.

The S.A.C. Songwriting Challenge 2015 is to write 6 songs in 6 weeks- as well as 6 blog entries about the experience. Our first assignment is an pitch request from jazz crooner Matt Dusk, which we will have the entire length of the challenge to work on. So here we go- I'm committed to keeping you posted at least once a week!

All the best,


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